About HBC

We are a serious group dedicated to breeding for a better Haflinger horse and promoting a once-a-year show featuring select weanlings, yearlings, and two-year-olds from this type of breeding.


Our Mission

​The cooperative was formed to serve Haflinger breeders that share a common goal, improving the quality of the Haflinger and make available to those members the best genetics in the breed. Also to create a fund that will reward co-op member breeders of quality foals.

Why Join HBC?

The Haflinger Breeder’s Co-op has been formed to serve Haflinger breeders who share a common goal of improving the quality of the Haflinger breed and facilitating access to quality stallions. The co-op also allows for the creation of a purse to reward member breeders of quality foals.

The idea of the Co-op was started in 2013 with Tudor Oak Farms, one of the premier breeders and importers of Haflingers who offered up to four stallions at vastly reduced service fees to HBC members. While Tudor Oaks is no longer actively breeding, we have many quality Haflinger stallions offered from other farms.

As a co-op member you can:

  • Join a friendly, knowledgeable community of Haflinger breeders
  • Get a Directory listing which is distributed at Haflinger events year round
  • Promote your farm and horses on the HBC Facebook site
  • Vote! Make your voice heard
  • Volunteer and share your passion for the Haflinger breed
  • Support fair breeding practices and good sportsmanship.

Any current members who sign up a NEW member will receive a $20 discount on next year’s dues per person.

HBC Code of Ethics

The Haflinger Breeders Co-op has adopted the following code of ethics to promote high standards of conduct and personal integrity among breeders and owners of Haflinger horses. Members shall bear in mind that a Code of Ethics is more than a set of rules; it is a commitment to a high standard of behavior in owning, breeding, training and selling Haflinger horses and adherence to the spirit of the Code is as important as adherence to its specific provisions. All members of HBC shall read and by their signature, agree to abide by the Code of Ethics: I understand that by joining HBC I am joining a team with common goals and obligations to operate with the spirit of cooperation, respect and support for all members of the HBC. I shall at all times, whether at home, at shows or at other equine events, display good sportsmanship and conduct myself in a manner that imparts credit to HBC and the Haflinger breed. I willingly accept the role of breed ambassador. I acknowledge my obligation to uphold the highest standard of sportsmanship and at no time will there be the appearance of impropriety or actual impropriety by my actions. Failure of members to abide by this Code of Ethics shall result in a loss of membership in HBC and withdrawal of any and all privileges such membership might enjoy, along with forfeiture of any dues or fees paid as well as any other such action as might be deemed appropriate by the HBC elected board.