2023 Stallion Service Auction

Join us in the HBC Auction and empower your Haflinger stallion to reach new heights, leaving an indelible mark on the breed’s history. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to elevate your stallion’s legacy!

Visit the Stallion Service Auction page or contact Mark Ford at markfordohio@gmail.com to learn more and take the first step toward showcasing your stallion’s greatness in the world of Haflingers!

Our Mission

‚ÄčThe cooperative was formed to serve Haflinger breeders that share a common goal, improving the quality of the Haflinger and make available to those members the best genetics in the breed. Also to create a fund that will reward co-op member breeders of quality foals.

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Memberships are due in January and if paid by May 1 member will receive a $10 discount.
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Annual Event

Our annual event includes a Jackpot Futurity Show and colt Auction. Check it out!

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