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Stellar TVR

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August 14, 2020 11:59 pm

    Straden x Chione TVR

    Stellar TVR – A champion stallion in hand & under saddle, at breed shows and in open competition, producing champions in the Haflinger and Warmblood/Sporthorse world!

    Stellar is the FIRST and ONLY Haflinger stallion in North American history to attend the North American 30 Day Stallion Performance Testing where he was tested in dressage, stadium jumping, cross country jumping & free jumping, and received outstanding scores, and to be licensed and approved for breeding through several major European registries, include: Weser Ems (GOV) & RPSI/Westfalen NA, in addition to AHR and the American Warmblood Society Sporthorse Registry. Westfalen NA is the North American branch of the Westphalian Verband in Germany – the largest and most well-respected pony/small horse registry in Europe. Stellar is approved for breeding in Germany as well as North America, and his foals are eligible to receive German passports. Stellar is available to approved mares in 2020, A.I. only, on the farm and shipped semen (fresh and frozen). Stellar’s foals are bringing premium prices and are in high demand from coast to coast, and ALL of Stellar’s foals offered for sale by us since 2014 have sold inutero, sometimes two years in advance! Stellar consistently passes on his outstanding powerful movement from behind, a strong hindquarter and loin connection, and foals with sweet personalities, wonderful work ethics, and fantastic trainability and rideability, winning on the line and under saddle against all breeds! Stellar is the 2017 National Dressage Pony Cup DSHB overall Reserve Grand Champion, Reserve Champion Mature Horse, and Grand Champion stallion, in addition to numerous wins in both open & pony divisions and scores to 70+% at recognized dressage shows at first level in Ohio and Michigan; 2016 – numerous wins and scores to 73+% at recognized dressage shows in Michigan; 2013 KILE Grand Champion Stallion/Gelding; 2011 Stone Tavern II USDF DSHB Grand Champion Haflinger (NJ); 2011 Buck’s County Horse Park USDF DSHB Reserve Champion Stallion/Gelding (PA); & 2011 USDF DSHB Champion Haflinger.
    On farm breeding only

    Auction Information

      Winning bids are due and payable to H.B.C. by Dec. 31 2021. Payment may be made in person when the auction concludes with the live silent auction at The Heart Of America Haflinger Sale in Cloverdale Indiana on Nov.20th.

      Silent bidding will also be available in-person on November 14th at the Heart of America Haflinger Sale in Cloverdale, Indiana. Bidding concludes Wednesday, November 18th at midnight. Winning bids are due and payable to H.B.C. by December 31, 2020.

      The foals developing from the breedings of these donations will be the only foals eligible for the 2022 HBC Weanling Jackpot Class

      For info or to donate a service, contact HBC Vice President Bob Mc Millan: phone or text (301) 606-6168 or email haflinger306@gmail.com

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