Haflinger Breeders Coop 2020 Stallion Service Auction

Newman RVM

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August 14, 2020 7:59 pm

    N-Hitchcock van de Hoogenweg X Gabrielle TOF

    Take a look at his offspring!
    Syndee New of Showme: 2011 and 2014 AHR National Show Grand Champion Mare and Best of Show
    Nadal New of Showme: 2015 AHR National Show Reserve Grand Champion Gelding; 2014 AHR Futurity 1st place gelding and Reserve Champion 2 year old Nazareth New of Showme: 2013 AHR Futurity 1st place Sr Weanling gelding and Reserve Champion; 2017 Buckeye Grand Champion Gelding; 2018 AHR National Show Grand Champion Gelding
    Nacho New of Showme: 2017 AHR Futurity 2nd place Gelding/Stallion
    Noah New of Showme: 2018 Buckeye & Central OH 1st place 2-year old gelding
    On farm breeding only

    Showme Haflingers
    Brian & Dana Mitteer
    Moravia, NY 13118
    Phone: (607) 835-6261

    Auction Information

      Winning bids are due and payable to H.B.C. by Dec. 31 2020. Payment may be made in person when the auction concludes with the live silent auction at The Heart Of America Haflinger Sale in Cloverdale Indiana on Nov.14th.

      Silent bidding will also be available in-person on November 14th at the Heart of America Haflinger Sale in Cloverdale, Indiana. Bidding concludes Wednesday, November 18th at midnight. Winning bids are due and payable to H.B.C. by December 31, 2020.

      The foals developing from the breedings of these donations will be the only foals eligible for the 2022 HBC Weanling Jackpot Class

      For info or to donate a service, contact HBC Vice President Bob Mc Millan: phone or text (301) 606-6168 or email haflinger306@gmail.com

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