2016 Haflinger Breeders Cooperative
Yearling Competition

Held October 7th at the Eden Park Equestrian Center in Sunbury, Ohio

Judges Officiating:
Brian Winkler, David Ayers, Suzanne Morisse

Photos courtesy Studio 316

1st: Reality Check of Genesis

Arno van het Nieshof x Reagan TOF
Genesis Farm

2nd: Flower MMH

Aviator GF x Flawless WSF
Mini Mountain Haflingers

3rd: Flamboyance of Genesis

Alfa of Genesis x Faith by Fire DAF
High Time Equine

4th: London MJW

Nordtirol x Laney HFB
Woodward Performance Haflingers

5th: Astro MHS

Armani KCH x Cindarella II SFF
Montel Haflinger Stables

6th: Exquisite of Nordtirol

Nordtirol x Ever After Via Top Hat
Der Haflingerhof

7th: Legend MDH

Nordtirol x Legendary Waltz BBR
Hoskins Haflingers

8th: Straightshot of Excellence

Standard of Excellence TOF x Rina WULF
Der Haflingerhof

9th: Rock My World New Horizons

Stellar TVR x R-Noble Rose APF
New Horizons Haflingers

10th: Animator VVA

Arno van het Nieshof x Febe Ze NTF
TLC Stables

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‚ÄčThe cooperative was formed to serve Haflinger breeders that share a common goal, improving the quality of the Haflinger and make available to those members the best genetics in the breed. Also to create a fund that will reward co-op member breeders of quality foals.

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